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Company Account Approval Steps | Document Submission Process
Company Account Approval Steps | Document Submission Process

We will guide you through the steps to get your company account approved on our platform.

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1- Why do we need these documents?

We understand that providing sensitive documents may raise concerns. Here's why we require these documents:

a) Compliance with Egyptian Regulations:

According to the Minister of Finance decision No. 188 of 2020, and the instructions of the Head of the Tax authority No. 195 of 2021, you are required to present a "Tax Card- البطاقة الضريبية" to issue an E-Invoice for your transactions on WUZZUF.

b) Secure Job Seekers' Privacy:

By verifying the legitimacy of companies through their tax card and commercial register, we can create a secure environment for job seekers. This helps to prevent fraudulent or misleading companies from accessing personal information.

2- What are the needed documents?

To complete the company account approval process, you only need to provide your valid Egyptian Tax Card

**Your email address must be confirmed to be able to get approved

3- How to upload documents?

To upload the required documents, follow these simple steps:

a) Log in to your company account.

b) on the dashboard select “Add your company Tax Card”

c) Popup will appear drag & drop your files or choose from folder

  • Please Ensure that the documents are high resolution, with legible information and a clear reading angle.

  • Accepted file formats are PDF, JPG, and JPEG.

d) Click on the "Verify the documents" button to verify your files.

  • This will take only a few seconds. Please be patient until a success message appears confirming your approval. “Congratulations 🎉”

Now you can enjoy your 14 days premium trial

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